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Holidaying in Spain

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Planning a Holiday

Planning a holiday can actually be a great deal of fun and also the sense of anticipation that you get from booking in advance can be a major part of the enjoyment. Spain has long since been a popular holiday destination choice for Irish people and for good reason.

The Costa del Sol

The Costa del Sol in particular has become a very popular travel destination for Irish people with thousands travelling there all through the year. One big reason for this is the Mediterranean climate. It is mild more or less all year round with an average temperature of 18º C. In the summer, temperatures are known to rise to 25º C-30º C. In winter time, the temperatures never go below 14º C during the day, which is still pleasant. In particular, the coastal area of the region which is sheltered from the wind by its high mountains, has over 300 days of sunshine a year and ‘manageable’ temperatures in all seasons.

‘Costa del Sol’ itself means coast of the sun and it is a fantastic destination choice for Irish people. All along the coastline of the province of Malaga, wonderful picturesque towns can be found to discover. One of those is Nerja (known as ‘The Jewel of the Costa del Sol’), a small coastal town about 50km from Malaga city. This would be quite convenient when flying into Malaga airport, taking approximately 40 minutes to drive there. Nerja has a population of over 20,000 people and its location on the coast means that wonderful seafood is a huge part of the local cuisine. There are over 300 bars and restaurants located in Nerja with many styles but tapas are widely available. Tapas allow you to sample small amounts of the food on the menu and are fantastic for sharing with a group.

The Canary Islands